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"Currently being hailed as 'the perfect place for today's surfer girl'"
-- Spas Weekly
"For those ladies who believe that surfing and luxury indulgence can go hand in hand, we have Kelea Surf Spa"
-- Frommer's

Give the gift of surfing!
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KELEA, the first ever all inclusive women's surf and yoga retreat was pioneered in 2000 by Elenice Senn and Stephanie Tufts. Joined by Annie Sweeney, they proceeded to be the first of their kind to set the template for all future surf and yoga retreats. Why a surf spa? They wanted to share their passion of the surfing lifestyle and being active outdoors. While a good massage relaxes the body, surfing clarifies your thoughts and replenishes your inner being. Surfing directly connects you with nature and provides you with a great workout.

Our spa is named after Kelea, the Hawaiian chiefess who gave up her position to live by the ocean so that she could surf. Kelea lures women away from their stressful lives into an environment "where the greatest worry is sand in your surf wax."