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"There is probably only one place in the world where surf and spa can be blended for an explosive therapy experience"
-- Spa Plus
"Ideal for high maintenance beach bunnies"
-- Vitals Woman
"Kelea Surf Spa could be your ticket to riding the perfect wave"
-- Elle Magazine

Give the gift of surfing!
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Whether you have never surfed before and always dreamed of learning or you just want to improve your skills, our surf instructors will help you reach your goals. Surf lessons begin on the beach. You will be taught water safety, paddling techniques and surf etiquette. Instructors will be by your side until you stand up on your first wave. Instructors have several years of surfing experience, lifeguard training, CPR training and lots of patience. Lessons are taught at nearby beaches with slow, rolling waves. If you are an advanced surfer, we can take you to several more challenging surf breaks.


Students will leave Kelea as competent surfers. Topics that will be covered during surf lessons are water safety, surfing etiquette and surfing techniques. A Professional photographer will be on hand to capture all your surfing memories. *Photo CD available at an extra cost.

For beginner Surfers instruction starts with a group demonstration on the beach. Then we will break into small groups with your instructor for the week and they will review the basic instruction on the beach then take you out in the water for your surfing experience. As the week progresses our goals with the beginner surfers is build your confidence in the ocean / surf while helping you move to the next level. We specialize in working with "First Time Surfers".

  The basics of surfing   Turning techniques
  Paddling the board   Surf etiquette
  Catching waves   Ocean awareness
  Standing up on the board   Surf safety
  Wave selection    

At the start of each session we make an assessment of your surfing skills and group students accordingly. Our goal is to improve your already existing skills and help intermediate surfers take it to the next level. Through the use of our VFC (Video Feedback Coaching) system we will assist you improve your skills.

  Beach selection   Advanced turning techniques
  Wave selection   Surf etiquette
  Paddling techniques   Duck Diving techniques
  Using wave to develop speed   Surf etiquette

Surfers will be taken to surf various local breaks. To take your surfing to the next level our coaches will work with you in the water, on the beach, and with the use of Video Feedback Coaching (VFC).

  Wave selection   Ocean awareness
  Advanced turning techniques   Being a good ambassadors of the sport
  Surf etiquette    

Kelea Surf Spa offers planned activities throughout the day. We encourage each guest to choose when and if they want to take part or simply relax quietly for rest and rejuvenation.

7am - 8am | Breakfast
8:30am - 11:30am | Surf Lessons
12 Noon - 3pm | Free Time for Lunch &
Other Activities
3pm - 4:30pm | Yoga and Activities
5pm - 7pm | Body Treatments/
Massage/ Facials
7:45pm | Fabulous Dinner with
Delicious Dessert