Kelea Surf Spa
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"There is probably only one place in the world where surf and spa can be blended for an explosive therapy experience"
-- Spa Plus
"Ideal for high maintenance beach bunnies"
-- Vitals Woman
"Kelea Surf Spa could be your ticket to riding the perfect wave"
-- Elle Magazine

Give the gift of surfing!
Gift certificates are available.
Call 415.233.7347


phn 415.233.73473

Our program consists of Hatha and Asthanga yoga.
Classes are suitable for beginner and advanced students. Kelea offers Yoga classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday as an afternoon activity. Yoga compliments surfing perfectly working on ones flexibility, balance and strength. No experience is required to participate in the Yoga classes and we encourage all newcomers to try it out. Each class will focus on different positions to benefit your body, mind and your surfing.


Kelea Surf Spa offers planned activities throughout the day. We encourage each guest to choose when and if they want to take part or simply relax quietly for rest and rejuvenation.

7am - 8am | Breakfast
8:30am - 11:30am | Surf Lessons
12 Noon - 3pm | Free Time for Lunch &
Other Activities
3pm - 4:30pm | Yoga and Activities
5pm - 7pm | Body Treatments/
Massage/ Facials
7:45pm | Fabulous Dinner with
Delicious Dessert