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Kelea Surf Spa, the first ever all-inclusive women's surf and yoga retreat was pioneered in 2000 by professional bodyboarder, Elenice Senn. Since then, hundreds of women have joined Kelea in the waves, surfing their dream vacations and having the adventure of their lives.


Kelea combines our passion of the ocean, healthy living, adventure, exploring, and being active in nature. We blend massage and yoga with surfing, so that your body is supported and your spirit is uplifted throughout your retreat. In complement of a good massage to relax your body, and yoga to calm your mind, surfing strengthens your muscles, clarifies your thoughts, and replenishes your inner being.


We believe:

  • Surfing directly connects you with nature and provides you with a great workout.
  • That it’s important to take time for yourself
  • In the healing power of the ocean
  • Life is an adventure worth living
  • You’re never too old or too busy to try something new

Our namesake Kelea, often considered the goddess of surfing, is the inspiring Hawaiian chiefess who resigned her royal status in order to live by the ocean so that she could spend her life surfing. Kelea lures women away from their stressful lives into an environment "where your only worry is sand in your surf wax."


Read a letter from our owner below


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Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m the owner and operator of Kelea. I’m so glad you’re here. My #1 goal is to help you fully let go and relax while you’re on retreat with us.

When I’m in the water and on my board I feel free, powerful, and light, with an overwhelming sense of happiness. I want more people to feel this way, too, which is why I do the work I do.

The love of the water is in my blood; I inherited it from my mom and dad. My parents absolutely loved the ocean. My dad was a sailor and my mom taught swimming to local kids in a program called "Backyard Swim". My parents first introduced me and my siblings to the ocean when we were small children. I remember how they would invite all the neighbor kids on our cul-de-sac to hop into our Dodge van and they’d take us all to the beach. We’d spend all day in and around the ocean. Those are some of my happiest memories.

Now, as an adult, the ocean is still a part of me and who I am. I find that it has a calming influence, and I see Mother Ocean as a healing, powerful force that shapes much of my life.


I’m proof that it’s never too late to try something new. I was 47 when I first learned to surf! I’d been wanting to learn to surf for quite a while, so I booked a trip to Bali to learn.

I can still remember how it felt when I stood up on my board for the first time; I was so happy!

I cried on the last day of the retreat and I thought, “I’m really happy doing this and I want to figure out a way to keep doing this. I never want this feeling to end!”

I decided to take over ownership of Kelea Surf Spa during one of the hardest times in my life. 2015 and part of 2016 were really hard years for me because my mom was ill and I was spending the majority of my time managing her care and looking after her.

A week before my mom died I made the decision to buy Kelea from its founder, Elenice. That decision changed my life; I made a decision to do something that really mattered to me and that made me feel fully alive. If my mom knew what I was doing, I know that she’d be happy for me. She’d want to know that I’m doing what I love and living my life to the fullest. I’ll always cherish my memories I shared with my family, out in the ocean waves. Those are the experiences that shaped me into the ocean-loving woman I am today.

If I had to share one thing with my Kelea guests, it would be to remind them that it’s ok (and important) to give yourself permission to take time out of your day just for you.

When you start to take more time to care for you, you open yourself up.

It’s like a little gift to yourself. I hope that you take the opportunity to join us at Kelea. The ocean has a powerful ability to heal and restore. We all deserve more of this in our lives, don’t we?


See you in the waves!


Laura McHugh, Chief Surfer Girl