Laura Goes To Cuba!

What an adventure!

We started the planning process for this trip months before it was to begin.  With meetings, gathering equipment donations, and an all day packing party to get all the gear organized

We were able to get all the boards and gear into 3 board bags, one was mine and the other two we borrowed from Coconut Peet’s Surfboard Repair shop in San Diego (

We flew to Havana, leaving on Christmas Day and arriving on the 26th.  We were greeted by Yaya and she escorted us to the home we would be staying in during the trip.  We started working with the kids the next day, doing al all day session with the local girls.  We started by giving them neoprene surf suits, then getting them down to the beach with boards for yoga and discussions and demonstrations surf safety, paddling techniques, pop-ups, and surf etiquette.


Next it was time to practice all of this in the water!

The girls did a great job and loved being out in the waves together.  So many beautiful smiles and  so much laughter ringing out!  

When we were done we did a wrap up session with the girls and it was so heartwarming to hear how much the enjoyed it and that they want to continue with it.  We are truly Amigas Unidas!!

We continued to work with the neighborhood kids for the rest of the week and enjoyed amy surf sessions with them.  

We did have free time to explore Havana and the surrounding areas.  Below are a few pictures from the trip:



Packing Party!

Packing Party!

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