Kelea Surf Spa, the first ever all-inclusive women's surf and yoga retreat was pioneered in 2000 by professional bodyboarder, Elenice Senn. Since then, hundreds of women have joined Kelea in the waves, surfing their dream vacations and having the adventure of their lives.


Kelea combines our passion of the ocean, healthy living, adventure, exploring, and being active in nature. We blend massage and yoga with surfing, so that your body is supported and your spirit is uplifted throughout your retreat. In complement of a good massage to relax your body, and yoga to calm your mind, surfing strengthens your muscles, clarifies your thoughts, and replenishes your inner being.


We believe:

  • Surfing directly connects you with nature and provides you with a great workout.
  • That it’s important to take time for yourself
  • In the healing power of the ocean
  • Life is an adventure worth living
  • You’re never too old or too busy to try something new

Our namesake Kelea, often considered the goddess of surfing, is the inspiring Hawaiian chiefess who resigned her royal status in order to live by the ocean so that she could spend her life surfing. Kelea lures women away from their stressful lives into an environment "where your only worry is sand in your surf wax."